Jennifer Lloyd Singer Education Fund

**Applications have closed and all grant funding has been allocated**


Fund update June 2022

We are pleased to announce that 17 grants have been allocated to Sweet Adelines Region #34 members from all around the country.
  • 8 large grants to support attendance at international and regional events
  • 1 small grant to support an application for an international program
  • 2 small grants to support attendance at an online educational event
  • 1 small grant for vocal lessons
  • 4 small grants to support participation in the Director Certification Program
  • 1 small grant to support participation in the Music Leaders Program

We know that Jennifer would be very pleased that so many individual singers have been able to benefit from the fund. She would also enjoy knowing that the skills gained from these activities will be shared with other singers, positively influencing an even wider group of people across our organisation.

Thank you to everyone who donated and applied for making this a reality.

About the fund

Jennifer Lloyd was a member of Brindabella Chorus from 2001 until her passing from cancer on 16 July 2019. Jennifer held a number of integral roles the chorus - assistant director, section leader, secretary, treasurer, event coordinator and more. She was also the much loved wife of our musical director, Glenda Lloyd.

It was Jennifer's wish towards the end of her life that she could create a fund to support education for individual Sweet Adelines in Australia to assist in furthering their education. In her memory, this fund has been established and applications are now open to individual members of Sweet Adelines Region #34 Australia to receive grants to further their musical education.

The Jennifer Lloyd Singer Education Fund is administered by Glenda Lloyd and Tanya Kavanagh. Brindabella Chorus host the fund and funding information in a supporting role but are not responsible for the administration of the fund.

Fund administrator update

Early in 2020 as we prepared to issue invitations to apply for grants from the fund, COVID struck and of course all international travel was curtailed and educational events cancelled. It made sense to hold off distributing grants “for a little while” until life went back to normal.

Time has passed, and no one is quite sure what normal will be or when it will arrive, but in the meantime the money donated to the fund is sitting unused, which is not furthering anyone’s education.

With this in mind, we’ve now decided to open the fund up and accept applications for smaller grants to be used for a wider range of activities. The spirit of the grants remain the same, which is to assist members of Region #34 to further their musical education. However, this no longer needs to be attendance at international  educational events. Instead, it can be for all kinds of activities which will further the musical education of individual members.

Examples of activities include:
  • Music theory lessons
  • Individual singing lessons
  • Application and/or resource fees for education programs such as the Director Certification Program, Arranger’s program
  • Purchase of arranging software
  • Travel to workshops or other choruses 
  • Access to online education such as Virtual Harmony U
  • Grants are only available for individuals, not for quartets or choruses
  • Grants may not be used to replace funding for activities that are the responsibility of a chorus or other entity to fund
  • Individuals may apply for more than one grant.
Grants available
  • Small grants: $1-$200. May be used to fund an entire activity
  • Large grants: $201-$500. It is expected that the grant recipient will also contribute at least part of the cost of the activity
Grant process
  1. Applicants complete the application form below. Read the application hints! 
  2. Grants are assessed by the assessment team, comprising of Glenda Lloyd and Tanya Kavanagh.
  3. Grant applicants are informed of the outcome of their application. Some applicants may be offered partial funding of their requested activity.
  4. Successful applicants request their funds from Brindabella Chorus. Where possible, it is preferable that the grant recipient pay the cost of the activity then seek reimbursement, but this may not be possible in every case. Some form of proof of the cost of the activity will be required such as an invoice.